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Cheryl Smith

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Cheryl Smith

Cheryl was born just outside of Chicago, IL but has lived in Boston, Charleston, Portland, OR and Connecticut. After raising a family and working as a legal assistant in Connecticut for thirty-seven years she and her husband retired back to South Carolina. Cheryl was drawing and painting in her teens and on and off throughout her life but received major training in the Museum of Fine Arts School and a commercial arts program for two years in Portland, OR. Since that time in the early seventies, she has taken short classes in water colors and acrylics but is mainly a self-taught artist who enjoys working in oils, acrylics and water colors. Most of her current work is in acrylics, and she especially likes a lot of color, a lot of varieties of style, and the many faces of humanity. Now that she has more time to pursue her love of anything art, she is looking forward to being more involved in the art world by exhibiting some of her work in The Back Door Gallery in Fountain Inn.
Cheryl Smith

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