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Ruth Burley

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Ruth Burley

I began my art journey drawing and sketching during occasional down times at my usually busy office. I found it to be a great stress reliever providing a brief respite from the day’s work activities. I loved how I got lost in it, and how time flew by when I was doing it.  I lived in Anderson S.C. for 35 years and in Greenville for the past 8 years. I have a son and a daughter, and I am a proud grandmother of many grandchildren. I retired in October 2013 after losing my husband to cancer in 2012. Art filled many of the empty spaces in which I found myself as I grieved. I took some acrylic painting classes which were enjoyable, but never felt that it was my niche. But, after taking a class in soft pastels, I was wow!! That was it!!! The beautiful pastel sticks, rich in pigment, became my medium of choice. I immediately started taking classes at the Artists Guild Gallery on Main St., downtown Greenville, with my instructor, Erin Webb. I served as an admin for the Facebook group How to Pastel for 2 years. I continue to enjoy learning from many other pastel artists online and in workshops. My paintings can be found on Facebook and Instagram (ruthburleyart). And now, I’m happy to be part of The Back Door Gallery here in Fountain Inn.

Ruth Burley

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