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Debi Shafer

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Debi Shafer

Debi Shafer was born and raised in Colorado. Debi moved to the Greenville area in 2015, along with her husband, son, and stepson. Although a software consultant by trade, Debi’s real passion is her art. She is inspired by one of nature’s most beautiful creations, geodes! Although they seem like simple rocks on the outside, once you break them open, each has its own brilliant, beautiful story to tell! From wall art to coasters and geode-inspired side tables, Debi does an amazing job of capturing the beauty of the geode in her art!  Debi is self-taught and was originally inspired by a beautiful gold and white art piece that was shown to her by a friend. That picture was all it took to get her hooked on re-creating the beauty of geodes!  She currently works out of her home studio.  She has a website where she sells completed pieces and takes commissioned work.

Debi Shafer

Artwork and Painting of Debi Shafer

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