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Guy roberge

My name is Guy Roberge. I was born April 20th, 1951. I come from a small New Hampshire town, spent many years in California but currently, along with my wife Maggie, call Greer, S.C. our home.  My art journey began twenty years ago. One day while channel surfing, I chanced upon Helen Van Wyk instructing viewers on the basics of oil painting. Not long after I acquired the necessary supplies along with some “how to” books and began to paint. I had been taking photographs, a hobby I continue to this day, and often use them as my subject matter.  I find great joy in painting, but often struggle with meeting my self-imposed standards. Through it all I continue to paint, not only for myself, but for others so they may find a bit of pleasure or inspiration through my efforts.
Guy Roberge

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