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Gerri Green

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Gerri Green

I lived in Norway as a child.  My neighbor was a famous Norwegian artist named Gjertsen. I was inspired watching him. In the 50’s in Norway, there were long winters with indoor activities, which included drawing on butcher paper with my sisters. We didn’t have much. Arriving in Canada, we were given art in school! Such fun. I completed the grade 13 high school prep year for college, studying all forms of art: painting, drawing, textile, pottery, etc. Painting is my forte. I went on to Teacher’s College intending to teach art but got sidetracked by a musical career that spanned 15 years singing jazz and other genre’s while traveling throughout both Canada and the US. I retired from the working life in 2015 and started following my art passion. In 2017 I became a member of the Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville and am still a member. I have had great success establishing myself in Greenville and creating a clientele. I paint every day and have many styles that I enjoy experimenting with from classic oil landscapes of the SC Low Country, to brilliant representations of our surrounding mountains in acrylic paint. I also love to paint the ‘bridge’ which is a staple in my portfolio, and a favorite with tourists and locals alike.

Gerri Green

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