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Leslie leuthold

The process of my wood art:

  • Cut it
  • Sand all sides
  • Danish oil sealer 3x on the back
  • Burn it
  • Seal the 5 burnt sides with Danish oil
  • Let cure for 2 to 4 weeks depending on the wood density
    • Pine 2 weeks
    • Maple 6 weeks
  • One coat every third day.  Sand between coats. Continue applying coats until the indentations from the burning are filled. Number of coats required ranges from 20 to 32.  I leave a tiny bit of indentation except the line work.
  • Cure another 2 weeks before it is ready for sale.


My older finish process is the same except after the Danish oil:

  • apply paste wax for a buttery sheen.. paste wax is 6 coats
  • leave on for 6 hours before hand buffing with an old t-shirt.


Material used:

  • Systems 3 Boat varnish. Oil base only
  • Watco Danish Oil
  • Crystal Wax
  • All finish materials are bought at Woodcraft of Greenville


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Leslie Leuthold

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